The Facility Industry is transforming

In the era of Internet-of-Things, connected devices, Big Data, Smart Building and Machine Learning, the cleaning and facility industry is rapidly evolving. On one hand, the technology is becoming available to address the end-users complex issues. On the other hand, this industry transformation is extremely fragmented, software integrations are expensive to implement, and requires very highly skilled resources.

With an independent standard, the stakeholders of any size will harvest the benefits of what technology can bring throughout the entire value chain while removing the complexity and cost related to communication, data exchange, and integration.

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The Facility Data Standard Consortium (FDS) is dedicated to advancing global open standards for secure data transfer and integration in the facility ecosystem, developed by the industry subject matter experts, so that the benefits of electronic information technology are widely, quickly, and economically available to the industry


An independent standard will enable opportunities and lower costs and risks, while providing the total facility ecosystem with the opportunity to improve the Business Landscape for all stakeholders.


End Users

Global view of workforce and assets

Simplify supervision & supply tasks

Lower cost of software tools

Better integration througout the enterprise

Better integration of service provided within the customers’ value chain

Software Providers

Efficient data access & identification

Remove the need for extensive integration testing

Reduction in data integration development time

Enable affordable custom features for customers


Advertise and Monetize IOT and business data

Transfer internal cost of API development to consortium

Significantly reduce the cost of API testing and validation

Lower the cost to address


What do we stand for?

Facility Data Standard (FDS) is a non-profit organization that will lead the initiative and provide the environment to develop and advance these standards and make the latest technologies available to this industry. FDS will be responsible for guiding development and:

Maintaining the interfaces, rules, guidance, and methodologies​

Maintaining a test and certification environment

Providing training, technical support and documentation​

Managing a directory where certified providers can advertise their services

Our Team

A standard can only succeed if it is developed by the industry itself. The founding and governing body of the consortium is composed of a small group of partners representing a broad and global view of the cleaning industry ecosystem.

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Hackathon – Milano 2023


Exciting news! FDS, is proud to sponsor the upcoming ISSA Pulire Hackathon! This unique event brings together talented individuals from the cleaning and facilities management industry to collaborate, innovate and tackle real-world challenges. We’re thrilled to support students while bring great new innovation and creative problem-solving to help drive progress in our industry. Stay tuned for updates and insights from the hackathon. #ISSApulire #Hackathon #Innovation #FacilitiesManagement

Next steps

The official launch of the Facility Data Standard, supported by Interclean and ISSA, is planned at the ISSA Show Las Vegas 2019 in November. Do you want to know more or contribute?

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